Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: Roads In Sarawak: 20 - 30 years behind

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Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Stop giving lame excuses, KL told By Zora Chan

Roads in Sarawak 20 to 30 years behind those in Peninsular Malaysia states, says Karim

KUCHING: “High building cost”, “low population” and “not many cars” are outdated and lame excuses, which the federal government should stop giving to Sarawak when the people asked for better roads, said Abdul Karim Hamzah (BN-Asajaya).

Roads in Sarawak were 20 to 30 years behind those in Peninsular Malaysia states, he said during a debate in appreciation of the Head of State’s speech.
“We’ve been told that there is no economic scale if we are to build more and better roads in Sarawak. But how long do we have to wait if the federal government keeps on telling us that Sarawak does not have a big population and not many cars?”

He hoped federal ministers would visit Sarawak more often to see the situation on the ground instead of merely depending on reports from their officers. Karim said having studied in Peninsular Malaysia and travelled all over the state, he could really see the difference and realised the roads in Sarawak were in dire need of improvement.

Sarawak’s good performance in the March 8 parliamentary election should be rewarded accordingly, he said, adding that he hoped to see better roads in the near future.