Sunday, May 18, 2008

:: Bung Bratak

exotic: guests having traditional food cooked in bamboo inside the baruk

fun time: the bisikon ghost leg competition in progress during the event

Remembering the Bung Bratak exodus
On May 1, 1838, the settlement was attacked and burnt to the ground by raiders from the Skrang area. After the fall of Bung Bratak, its inhabitants relocated. To commemorate the exodus, the Dayak Bidayuh National Association initiated Bung Bratak Day in 1988.
Bung Bratak Day is an annual event marked by Bidayuh cultural performances and traditional activities including a beauty pageant held at the summit. Event advisor Datuk Peter Minos hoped the Tourism Ministry and the Bau District Council would promote Bung Bratak as a historical site for local and foreign visitors.
They were entertained by various performances including traditional dances from different Bidayuh villages, top-spinning games, a gong–striking competition and a demonstration of honey collection from a tall tree.