Wednesday, May 21, 2008

:: Mahathir... Mokhzani... Mukriz

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Mokhzani leaves UMNO - SO WHAT? Mahathir Mohammad advises UMNO MPs to ‘lompat’ - out of BN - SO WHAT? Mahathir, Mokhzani, Mukriz - ask Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign - SO WHAT?

Let’s get back to business.
What I want the papers to pursue is whether the AG will continue to investigate Mahathir over the findings in the Royal Commission of Inquiry that the latter was ‘entagled’ in the issue of appointment of judges.
Will the AG manage to rise above all the political madness, after Mahathir has cleverly diverted attention from his alleged crime to his resignation from UMNO, the sinking party? Dragging all his family in the furore, making headlines all over the world (not his fault) and making a fool of all of us Malaysians.

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