Saturday, April 16, 2011

:: Peramal... mengaitkan dengan pilihanraya DUN Sarawak ke-10 ?

Mysterious halo around the sun sets people wonderinglatest!

by Jane Moh. Posted on April 15, 2011, Friday

RARE SIGHTING: A mysterious halo around the sun at about 11.45am yesterday set most people at the market to a halt to look up at the rare sighting. The phenomenon lasted for about 30 minutes.

SIBU: The sky made heads turn upwards yesterday, on the eve of the polling day when a halo formed an outer ring of the sun, radiating the rainbow colours.

The 30-minute display, starting from 11.30am sparked a discussion among the people why it had to appear as the polling day was approaching.

They began asking whether it would carry any significance on the polling results and whether this could be a tell-tale sign on the results.

As usual, the halo display turned into a hot coffee shop talk and numerous photographs of the sun were also being posted on Facebook.