Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Thursday, February 21st, 2008

‘Norah will win Tanjong Manis’ By Anthony Aga

SARIKEI: Assistant Minister of Tourism and Youth Affairs Hamden Ahmad said he was confident that the Barisan Nasional would win convincingly in Tanjong Manis this election. But judging by the growing unity among the constituents in the BN spirit, he saw the possibility of the BN candidate getting the seat uncontested.

The fact that the BN candidate is Norah Tun Abdul Rahman (pictured left) – daughter of a former head of State and chief minister, Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub - is not an issue as she was chosen based on her own merits and capability, he said while officiating at the soft opening of the local office of Sarawak Special Affairs Department (Jasa) at Lot 23A, 2nd Floor, Getah Road Tuesday evening.

Hamden based his prediction on the last State election when he garner over 4,000 votes against 700 obtained by his opponent in the area. Moreover, the previous BN candidate who contested the seat formerly known as Kuala Rajang was returned unopposed. Despite his optimism, Hamden reminded the constituents not to be over-confident or complacent, but to be prepared at all times.

He said there were no big issues which the opposition could latch on to their advantage, but conceded that they could harp on the fuel price hike to confuse the people and win their sympathy.