Thursday, October 27, 2011

:: Ikan Empurau : 10kg harga RM6,000...

RM6,000 for an Empurau!

Posted on October 27, 2011, Thursday

PRICEY: Fishmonger Ong Ek Chin posing proudly with the 10kg Empurau which he bought for nearly RM6,000

KAPIT: Empurau is such a sought-after fish that a fishmonger here had no qualms forking out nearly RM6,000 for a 10kg 'gem' recently.

Ong Ek Chin, who was spotted smiling proudly after buying the fish from a fisherman in Baleh, said the market price for Empurau ranged from RM680 to RM700 per kilo. This exotic fish is found mainly in places such as Baleh River and Katibas River.

Relating his latest buy, Ong enthused: “I received a phone call from a fisherman recently and he was so excited that he had netted a huge Empurau using an ordinary fishing line in Baleh River. He is my regular supplier of fish so I immediately told him to bring it down here as I was willing to buy it.”

Ong said there are two species of Empurau – white and red, and the former is more valuable.

“When the fisherman eventually landed at the jetty here, I was really astonished because the fisherman had really hit a jackpot for he could easily buy a new motorcycle with the price it (fish) fetched.

“I paid him nearly RM6,000 but my customers would have to pay more for it, of course,” Ong chuckled.

Apart from Empurau, other exotic fishes which fetch a fortune include Tengadak which can cost some RM270 per kg, Semah (about RM130 per kg) and Patin (some RM40 per kg).