Wednesday, December 27, 2006


12 Disember 2006:

MEASAT-3 (Satelit Asia Timur Malaysia Ke-3) telah menambah bilangan koleksi di orbit dengan pelancarannya pada jam 5.28 pagi waktu Kazhak bertepatan jam 7.28 pagi waktu Malaysia.
ILS Launches Malaysia's MEASAT 3 Communications Satelite:
International Launch Services successfully lifted Malaysia's third and most powerful comunications satellite - MEASAT 3 - via a Proton Rocket from ILS's launch facility at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan (12 December 2006).
On hand witness the launch in person were Tai Kai Xin, age 10, and Izza Azreenah bt. Azizan, 17 - winners of a launch drawingcontest that MEASAT Satellite System's held for schoolchildren across Malaysia.
Cheers, sighs of relief, and even tears of joy flowed freely among most of the over officials and invited guests who brave icy conditions and temperatures of -17 degrees celsius to witness the lift off at 5.28 am Kazakh time (7.28 am Malaysian time).
MEASAT 3, which carries a paylead of 24c-band and 24 Ku-band is the biggest satellite launched so far by owners Measat Satellite System Sdn. Bhd. which also has Measat 1 and Measat 2 already in operation.
The new of Measat 3 was telecast live in Malaysia by Astro, which will be a big user of the new satellite in future.